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TotalKill inc
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TotalKill Inc. has had many names, our most common, and longest standing was Resurrection, within Dark age of Camelot (DAOC), Tabula Rasa, and many other MMO's. As a group, we have been playing MMO's ever since DAoC's release. Soleric has lead guilds in games for over five years, in a Family/PVP atmosphere, and looks to do the same in Aion. The core of this legion has been a group since before we could walk. We're all friends from the same town, looking to make a legion that can stand the test of time, in a game that will evolve every day as new and old players enter and retire.

TotalKill Inc. is a Family Oriented Legion. (Don't judge the Legion, by it's name.) Does this mean we are carebears? No, all this means is we have a very clean legion chat, which is friendly for families of all ages. TotalKill encourages husbands and wives, friends and family to all join together. This is what helps TotalKill be the friendly, family style legion that we are quickly becoming. Aside from the Family orientation, we also have a heavy focus in PVP, and group questing. The name TotalKill Inc was intended to be Mercenary styled, and stand out as a force in PVP combat. As a Legion, we will have PVP theory crafting session, where we will attempt to put different builds together, for PVP. These builds will later be put to the test, and mastered, to see if they are effective against other people in the Abyss. Aion is a very group oriented game, and TotalKill intends to be there for it's members with any quest they need assistance with, group questing is a key to leveling quickly, and there is almost always people in the legion willing to group with others.

TotalKill Inc. has two morals it finds very important. Loyalty, and Trust. If you show your loyalty to us, we will always return your loyalty. "In my eyes, a mans Word is a mans worth." - Soleric If you can not keep your word, then you will not last within this legion.

TotalKill works on a voting system. The officer count is always an odd number, which leaves the vote tipped in one direction or the other at all times. If it is a member being kicked, or a major alliance with another Legion, it is always taken to a vote, and decided through that. This method prevents any one officer, from having a grudge against specific members, and removing them due to it. We look to keep everything as fair as physically possible.

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Legion Emblem Winner.

Soleric, Oct 18, 09 4:26 AM.
As we have received MANY MANY compliments from people in and out of the legion for our emblem, and the work that has been done on it.  I am proud to announce Dottrix as the winner of the Legion Emblem Event.  Dottrix is our newest Recruitment officer, and has been in the legion since fairly close to our creation.  I believe he deserves a round of applause for his accomplishment, and we will proudly use his emblem to represent TotalKill Inc.

Thank You,
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